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The Art of Pairing: Wine and Cheese Combinations

Wine and Cheese Pairing

The Art of Pairing: Wine & Cheese

First of all to start of this blog, pairings are very personal to everyone as each person’s perception of flavours are different! Cheese & wine go together like 2 peas in a pod, whenever you’re having a glass of wine you probably would think to yourself is there anytHing at our local cheese shop I could get artisanal cheese to elevate these flavours! I underatand wine and cheese pairings in Singapore are not part of our staple diet but I promise its something you should try at least once!

Before we get into our first pairing, we should probably get into the technicalities of wine and cheese pairings. Its a chemcial interaction between flavours like protien and fat content of the cheese can soften the tannins (tannins are compounds in wine that can make your mouth feel dry and add some bitterness) in red wines. And the high acidity in wines can cut through rich flavours of cheeses.

Today we will go through 3 different wine and cheese pairings from all the products that can be found at The Cheese Deli Singapore! We are a speciality cheese store that specialises in European cheese in Singapore & have premium cheese varieties from all over the world. In our opinion this is one of the best wine and cheese pairing combinations

Get ready for this cheese & wine pairing guide!

Lets go into our first wine and cheese pairing!

1000 day gouda + Guarda Rios Gold Edition 2020

1000 day gouda is one of the most popular cheeses we have at The Cheese Deli! Always a crowd favourite because of its intense savouriness, hints of caramel, flaky texture and overall wholesome flavour. And of course you cannot forget the protien crystals you get with every bite for a lil crunch!

Guarda Rios Gold Edition 2020 comes from a winery located in a transition zone, between the hills of the north Alentejo and the plains of the south. The vineyards are planted in a valley, surrounded by a forest of cork trees and water streams. 8 types of soils, different exposures to the sun, an array of tools for the winemakers to produce amazing wines. This fresh and diverse valley, proves to be the perfect location to produce inviting and aromatic wines that stand out as elegant with an international profile.

The pairing

The depth, complexity and rich character of the wine pairs well with the intense flavours of the 1000 day gouda. The wine’s characteristics complements the cheeses’ long maturation process. the wine carries good acidity that will help cut through the rich flavour & crumbly texture that provides a good contrast.

Brie de Meaux + Tikveš Alexandria Cuvée White 2022

Brie de Meaux is a classic french cheese that is known far and wide. Brie de Meaux originated in the town of Meaux in France just outside of Paris. Brie de Meaux is knowns for it’s rich, creamy and mushroomy flavours. The soft bloomy rind (the outerside of the cheese) is edible and adds texture and flavour to the cheese.

Tikveš Alexandria Cuvée White 2022 is an amazing wine North Macedonia. If you’re like me and have no idea where Macedonia is, it’s situated in Southeastern Europe bordering Bulgaria to the east and Greece to the south. This wine is made with Chardonnay and Rieseling grapes with hints of tree fruit (peach, apple & pear), citrus (citrus, lemon & orange), yeast (banana, cream, yeast)& earthy (minerals, honey, stone).

The Pairing

The acidity of the wine helps cut through the rich and buttery notes of Brie de Meaux, it helps cleanse the palate after each bite of creamy cheese. Citrus, apple and pear flavours complement the earthiness and mushroom notes of the cheese. This combination is a harmonious blend of flavours.

Tete de Moine Gold + Tapada do Chaves Frangoneiro Reserva Tinto 2015

Tete de Moine is also known as ‘ Monk’s Head Cheese ‘ or as some of our customers like to call it ‘ flower cheese ‘. This cheese is loved by everyone we introduce it to as it’s flavours are delectable! The nutty, buttery & savoury notes really come out when you curl them into flowers. Changing the tetxture really helps bring out the undertones of the Tete de Moine.

Tapado do Chaves Franoneiro Reserva Tinto 2015 is widely raved about in the wine community. It recived a 4.3 star rating on Vivino! This wine comes from Portugal in the Alentejano region and made in the Tapada do Chaves winery. It’s dry, has high acidity, medium tanins and a very full body. It has hints of vanilla and smoke on the palate with a long finish. It has great balance and this wine is definitely one that covers all the bases.

The pairing

The vanilla, tobacco & oak notes from the wine complements the buttery and nutty undertones of Tete de Moine, this also enhances all the best notes of both.

I hope this blog was informative about cheese and wine pairings of the wines and cheeses we offer here at The Cheese Deli. We offer a wide selection of artisanal cheese, wine & charcuterie! but if you dont want to assmble it yourself, we also offer premium cheese platters!