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Best Cheeses To Have On Your Cheeseboard!


Best Cheeseboards

Here we’ll show you the best cheeses to have on your cheeseboard that’ll impress all your guests!

There are so many different types of cheeses from Brie de Meaux to Aged Goudas, but we’ll categories them into 3 groups: Soft Cheese, Semi-Hard Cheese & Hard Cheese. And we’ll also be giving 2 milk options per category!

Every cheese board has to have all 3 of these as the blend of textures and flavours will elevate your board to a whole new level! & let’s get right into the Best Cheeses To Have On Your Cheeseboard! :

First we’ve got the soft cheeses! 

Perfect cheese for any Cheeseboard : Vacherousse d'Argental

Vacherousse d’Argental  

Cow’s Milk – Pasteurised – Vegetarian

This cheese is a crowd pleaser and well loved by everyone. (It’s even our shop favourite) It is pregnancy safe, child safe & vegetarian, it doesnt get better than this! The flavours are incredible being savoury but yet it has this creaminess and butteriness are you can’t find anywhere else.

Why choose me?

Perfect for everyone!

Goat's Milk Cheese That You Will Love on Your Cheeseboard

Bûche De Chèvre

Goat’s Milk – Pasteurised 

Bûche De Chèvre will be your next favourite goat’s cheese! Bûche De Chèvre is covered with a thick and bright white rind which is normally smooth or streaked and has a crunchy like rind texture accompanied with a paste that instantly melts in the mouth. It has a straightforward goaty taste but it comes with a nice tangy freshness in the centre.

Why Choose Me?

Try something new and interesting to add depth to your board!

Semi-Hard Cheese

Most Unique Cheese Addition to your Cheeseboard

Caciocavallo di Grotta

Cow’s Milk – Unpasteurised

Caciocavallo is such a unique shaped cheese with all the curves in the right places. Caciocavallo literally translates to “horse cheese” in Italian. The cheese is always tied in pairs and dangled over a tree during its aging process. The continuous exposure to humidity in the caves during maturation gives the cheese sharp and spicy tasting notes with hints of fruitiness and earthy undertones.

Why Choose Me?

You can brag to your friends about how it’s made and how unique it is!

Beer Cheese for your Cheeseboard

Chimay a la Biere Rogue

Cow’s Milk – Pasteurised

This one’s for the hoppy beer lovers: Chimay a la Biere Rogue, a cheese that is made with the infusion of red beer that has resulted in a cheese with fruity and apricot flavours, with a hint of bitterness, which in turn makes it perfect for beers.

Why Choose Me ?

Taste the flavours of beer without actually drinking!

Hard Cheese

Best Aged Gouda for your Cheeseboard: Rotterdamasche 55 weeks

Rotterdamsche 55 Weeks

Cow’s Milk – Pasteurised

De Rotterdamsche Oude 55 weeks has a strong, robust flavor. It has an incredible amount of creaminess and a hint of sweetness. This cheese contains a lot of crystals.

Why Choose Me?

Incredibly addictive flavour and texture!


Brique du Nord

Cow’s Milk – Unpasteurised

Brique du Nord is closely related to Mimolette! 4 year old cow’s milk cheese from France. loaf shape of the cheese makes it more practical for cutting and serving.

Why Choose Me?

Easy to cut & terrific snacking cheese!

You can find all of these cheese