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Aromatic Accompaniments: Jams, Honey, and More


Over here at the Cheese Deli, where the customers and us appreciate the cheeses that is brought in, the art of savoring artisinal cheese and relishing gourmet charcuterie has taken center stage. One thing that is often overlooked but cruicial is the selection of aromatic accompaniments. These are the jams, honeys and more that take your cheese platters to the next level just mainly because of the flavours and textures.

Local cheese shops in Singapore, where cheese platters are often celebrated as an expression of culinary craftmanship, lies the hidden flavours of aromatic accompaniments. The shelves of our shop showcase an array of flavours that rival an artists palette – from the silky elegance of Bries to the bold complexity of Blues. Among this array, the choice of complementary jams, honeys and more becomes an amazing groups of flavours that heightens every bite.

Jams provide a delectable contrast to the richness of cheeses, making them an unsung hero of the cheese platter. The vibrant burst of flavour from rasberry jam is the velvety allure of a Camembert’s counterpart. A visual and gustatory feast that awakens the senses is created by the interaction of textures and colors. Beyong the norm, daring palates might experiment with unconventional pairings, like fusing the nuttines of Gouda with rich sweetness of fig jam.

Your experience with cheese and charcuterie will have a touch of luxury thanks to honey that is dripping with liquid gold. The intense flavour of blue cheese is balanced by the velvety of sweetness of honey, producing a delightful harmony that reverberates on your plate. Honey that have been infused with herbs or spices invite exploration and experimentation so you can find new pairings that surprise and delight.

Not to mention the allure of nuts and dried fruits, which are versatile allies that enhance your culinary journey. While the tart burst of dried apricots acts as a counterpoint to the savory allure of cured meats, the subtle crunch of toasted almons elevates the creamy texture of soft cheeses. Each bite becomes a moment of pure indulgence thanks to the complex dance of flavours and the interplay of textures.

Aromatic accompaniments are crucial parts of the culinary journey as cheese enthusiasts from Singapore gather to celebrate the world of cheeses and charcuterie. These accompaniments take center stage during cheese and wine workshops, where the art of pairing is revealed, enhancing the balance of flavors and elevating the tasting experience.

As we travel through SIngapore’s culinary landscape, the world of aromatized accompaniments reveals its captivating charm. From the traditional jam and honey to the refined craftmanship of artisanal cheese and gourmet meat, these ingredients contribute to the tapestry of flavours that define the city’s gastrnomic identity. Whether you’re looking for a taste of the past or the taste of the future, the rich symphony of aromatic accompaniments promises to take your dining experience to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and memories.