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Tête de Moine Gold


Tête de Moine is made from full, raw cow’s milk and is produced by just a few dairies in Switzerland—in the Jura Canton (Porrentruy, Franches-Montagnes) and the Jura mountains in the Canton of Bern (Moutier, Courtelary). They devised a machine called a girolle to thinly shave away layers from the top of little cylindrical “monk’s head” cheeses, exposing a bald patch. These Semi-Hard cheeses, made from raw cow’s milk, have a solid texture and a seriously powerful, fruity flavour. Once shaven the taste changes giving it a light and almost cloud like texture that melts, the aroma slightly pungent and flavours being muted slightly.

Pairings: Shiraz, Champagne

Non-vegetarian, Unpasteurised

Product Weight : 200G

Style Of Cheese: Hard
Origin: Switzerland
Milk Type: Cow
Dietary requirements:
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