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Cremoso al Cafe


This exquisite combination of Italian blue cheese and Italian “Indo” arabica coffee is crafted by one of Italy’s most renowned roasters, Giamaica Caffe Srl. The cheese is produced in the Veneto region and is aged for 90 days in a Gorgonzola-style DOP. The base is then slowly infused with 2% arabica coffee over 10 days, resulting in a creamy, rich flavor. Finally, a few Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans are covered in dark chocolate, which is sourced from Ecuador, Peru, and Madagascar. When served with a spoon, this exquisite combination of flavors will make a stunning finish to any meal.

Non-vegetarian, Pasteurised

Product Weight : 200G

Style Of Cheese: Soft
Origin: Italy
Milk Type: Cow
Dietary requirements:
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