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Le Petite Donge Truffe St Jean


Brie de Meaux is a classic, original French cheese made in the Ile-de-France just outside Paris. The Dongé Family produces this version. Etienne Dongé founded the family dairy near Paris (where Brie originated) in 1930 to produce traditional unpasteurized Brie de Meaux. Now, three generations later Jean-Michel and Luc Dongé continue the family tradition and remain one of seven producers of traditional Brie de Meaux. They still use the old methods of hand-cutting the curd and carefully ladling it into moulds to drain. It’s ripe and ready at eight weeks, with rich porcini-like flavours, a subtle nutty flavour, and a silky smooth texture.

The family began creating Petit Brie à la Truffe de la St-Jean, which has proven to be a huge hit. The brie is stuffed with a secret blend of double cream cheese and bits of French black truffle, which has a strong woody earthy aroma and a silky, crisp texture on the tongue.

Pairings: Shiraz, Champagne

Product Weight : 200G

Style Of Cheese: Soft
Origin: France
Milk Type: Cow
Dietary requirements:
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