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Saint Marcellin


Saint-Marcelin is a soft, unpasteurized, mould-ripened cheese that originated in the French region of Isère. It was made exclusively from goat’s milk until the 13th century. In modern times, this small, wrinkly cheese is made from cow’s milk and coated in white yeast. Depending on how young the cheese is, its texture can range from firm to very runny, with a mild, slightly salty flavour. It tastes slightly yeasty when ripe and is irresistible. It has a beige crust and is typically soft and creamy on the inside. Secondary flavour profiles have an intensely rustic, nutty, fruity flavour.

Pairing: Red Pommard, Red Wine of Burgundy, White Mâcon, White Pouilly – Fuissé, White Pouilly Loché, White Rully or White Saint Véran.

Style Of Cheese: Soft
Origin: France
Milk Type: Cow
Dietary requirements:
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