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Frequently Asked Questions


Cheese should be stored in the coldest compartment of the refrigerator- usually the bottom compartment. For all cheeses, we recommend once opened, to quickly take what you need, wrap the rest up in a fresh cling film and store it back in the refrigerator. Storing cheese in a tupperware is preferable. Consume soft cheeses within 5-7 days and hard cheeses within 14 days to enjoy it at its best.

In most cases, yes but do ask us if you are unsure. Most rinds are generally safe to eat (unless there is wax, cheesecloth or paper on the rind)

The quantity you buy depends on a number of factors – are you eating only cheese? Will the cheeses be served after multiple courses? Typically if cheese is the main course, we recommend 150g of cheese per person. This is a formula we use to determine the amount of cheese to serve:

[(150g * No. of persons)/ No. of cheeses] = weight recommended per cheese

Cheese should be enjoyed however you like! Though if you are enjoying our cheese platters we recommend tasting from the milder to stronger cheese to experience the complete flavor each cheese.

Pregnancy – We recommend that pregnant individuals stick to pasteurized cheese such as Vacherousse, Boer’n trots and Beemster.

Vegetarian – Certain cheeses use animal rennet to coagulate the cheese and these are not vegetarian-friendly. We recommend cheeses that use microbial rennet in the coagulation process such as Shropshire, Vacherousse and Beemster

Cheese should not be frozen as it changes the texture and taste of the cheese once thawed.


After placing your order, you will an email confirmation. If you do not receive this, please email and we can check that we have your email address entered correctly.

Kindly check your order confirmation sent through email and confirm that all details are correct, including, mode of delivery/in-store collection and that the address and contact details are accurate.

Please contact us immediately if any details are incorrect. We do not accept liability for problems due to incorrect details being provided. Please refer to the return policy for more details.

On the day of delivery, you will receive an email from us, The Cheese Deli or from our Courier Service Provider to let you know that your delivery is on the way.

If there is a problem or we have a question about your order, we will contact you for further information.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Stripe and Paynow

On occasion, products may be out of stock. In these instances we will substitute a product similar in both style and price. We will always make substitutions for items in Cheese Platters.

If you would like to cancel your order, please email contact us by replying the confirmation email as soon as possible. If your order has already been dispatched we won’t be able to provide a refund.

Return Policy

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us at as soon as possible, including a picture or description of any issues. As much as possible, try to leave the product in its original packaging.

Any contact for return of perishable product (i.e Cheese, Prosciutto) must be made within two days of receiving your order.

Any other contact for return of non-perishable products (i.e Olive oil, Crackers) must be made within 7 days of receiving your order. 

Once contact has been made, we will send you an email for instructions on how best to return your order.


We deliver orders anywhere in the Singapore using Pickupp. We aim to ship all orders on the working day after the order is placed, but can’t guarantee to do so. When a specific delivery date is requested, we will do our best to honour it, but are not able to guarantee delivery on certain dates because we use a third party courier.  In the vast majority of cases, deliveries are made on time, but if you need your order to arrive for a certain date, it is advisable to request delivery for an extra day ahead. 

Free delivery on all orders above $150

Once an order is placed for collection in store, you will receive an email confirmation of your order and another email when it is ready. Once you have arrived at our store, kindly present the email confirmation of your order and we shall release the order to you. We will not be able to release the order to you if the email confirmation is not presented.

If you have specific instructions for delivery, please include them in when you order. Kindly set the delivery time for when you are home, If no one is home to receive the delivery it will be sent back to the shop. Any re-delivery at another time maybe liable for an additional cost.