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Exploring European Cheese Traditions

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Exploring European Cheese Traditions

The Cheese Deli is proud of be carrying over 60 different types of artisanal cheese from all over Europe to nice warm Singapore. We feel very honoured and privilaged to be able to bring the taste of the world right to your doorstep (like quite literally because we do delivery for artisanal cheeses) Every culture has their own traditions, like how in Singapore we have mooncake festival! We are proud to Europe is a treasure trove of cheese traditions stand as a testament to the amazing cultures, landscapes and histories. From the snow-capped mountains of the Alps to the rolling hills of the Mediterranean.

Lets start off with Switzerland and their cheese traditions!

Switzerland – Alpine Excellence

In the amazing Swiss Alps, cheese-making has been apart of their culture and way of life for many generations. Does Gruyere, Tete de Moine & Emmental ring any bells ? These are the famour cheeses that originated in this magnificent region. Traditional methods are still used to preserve terroir of the Alps! The flavours of the Alps ranges from nuttt to earthy. The tradition of herd migration between mountain pastures is what contributes to the wonderful characteristics of swiss cheeses.

France – The Art of Affinage (A.K.A Cheese Aging)

Of course everyone knows that France has a reputation for all their world-renowned cheeses. Ranging from soft velvety Brie de Meaux to robust flavours of Roquefort, French cheeses embodies intricacy and sophistication. The art of affinage is celebrated all over france, from the cellars of Normandy (where Camembert de Normadie comes from) to Auvergne (where Bleu d’Auvergne comes from), the Affineur carefully controlls the aging process to develop the distinct flavours of each cheese.

Italy – Diverse Delights

The cheese culture in Italy varies from region to region. Parmigiano Reggiano is hail as the ‘King of Cheese’ and is definitely an Italian icon. Aged for years to develop the granular texture and robust flavours. Pecorino Romano is made of Sheep’s milk and boasts intense flavours which reflect Italy’s diverse pastures!

Netherlands: Dutch Craftmanship

The Dutch are known for their cheese prowess, and their traditional of crafting wheels of Gouda and Edam is known worldwide. Boer’n Trots series that we carry instore is a perfect example of Dutch Craftsmanship as it is one of the most popular cheeses @ The Cheese Deli. Boer’n Trots XO has a perfect balance of savoury, sweet and creamy which always keeps you coming back for more. Dutch cheese markets remain a testament to the country’s cheese-making history.

Come by The Cheese Deli to try all these European cheeses and charcuterie!