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Absolutely Unique Cheese Pairings

Unexpected Cheese Pairings

Cheese Pairings

Cheese is such a versatile food with such complex flavours! Here at The Cheese Deli, we like to push the boundaries of pairings as we feel cheese should not be limited to Wine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to food, so always give everything a try! & now we introduce to you our absolutely unique cheese pairings!

Here’s a couple of our recommendations!

Craft Beer + Aged Gouda

This one’s a match made in heaven. Here at The Cheese Deli we have a constant rotation of craft beers that pair perfectly with pretty much any cheese. Aged Gouda like 1000 Day Gouda, North Holland XO & Rotterdamsche 55 weeks are perfect for robust stouts! 

Whisky + Aged Gouda