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About Us

About Us

The Cheese Deli is a family run business that shares a profound love for cheese. We offer a fine selection of artisanal cheese and gourmet accompaniments, a one stop delicatessen for all your cheesey needs. We believe that its rich history, story and flavour sparks a passion like no other.

We mindfully curate quality artisanal cheese that are imported from all regions across the world, from Europe to Australia. To ensure the highest quality and to support artisanal farmers, we carefully select traditionally made cheeses from independent producers who prioritizes quality over profit.

Our standards may be high, but The Cheese Deli welcomes all and caters to ease and comfort as much as refinement.

Our Philosophy

At The Cheese Deli, we aim to be sustainable throughout our supply chain. Our approach is to create long-term value by taking into consideration how we operate in the ecological, social and economic environment – from supporting traditional farming and production practices to eco-friendly packaging.

Producing artisanal cheese is labour intensive. Some cheeses have ethnic backgrounds and/or special traditional manufacturing processes that have been passed down for many generations. Because of these reasons, we heartily value and support the craftsmanship of smaller scale famers and makers.

Aside from bringing in cheeses and products from all around the world, our deli also offers locally made products in Singapore to support and encourage craftsmen in our own local community.

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Our packaging is certified to be eco-friendly!

Reducing carbon footprint

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With the increase of carbon footprint produced these days, there have been efforts to control the production. At The Cheese Deli, we are dedicated to help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide releasing into the atmosphere by using eco-friendly packagings!

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